Houston Tattoo Removal Clinic - Do you have an unwanted Tattoo? We can help!
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Houston Tattoo Removal Clinic
Laser tattoo removal
Do you have an unwanted Tattoo? Here at the Houston Tattoo Removal Clinic we can help! We specialize in Laser Tattoo Removal, age spot removal, scar reduction therapy, and toe fungus treatments.
Laser Tattoo Removal is a process that begins with your free consultation. At your consultation a trained technician will evaluate your tattoo, and explain your treatment options. There are a lot of factors that go into a Tattoo Removal: type of ink used, depth of the ink, age of the tattoo, skin type and size. The nation wide average for the removal of a tattoo is 12 treatments. Here at the Houston Tattoo Removal Clinic we take great pride in beating that average. We have had great success with removing, and fading tattoos in as few as 2 treatments and about 99% of people have no scaring or any sign that they ever had a tattoo!
We are here for YOU! The Houston Tattoo Removal Clinic is dedicated to the service we provide to the people of Houston. Because our staff has such a strong belief in helping others obtain the look and feel that they want: we offer our Tattoo Removal service for free to people 17 and younger (on face and hands only). Our staff also does out reach work with the Texas Youth Commission in removing tattoos from our troubled youth at NO cost. We offer the lowest prices in Houston with our prices starting at $50.00 per treatment.
We recognize that although you may want a Tattoo removed it can be costly. That is why here at the Houston Tattoo Removal Clinic we have NO HIGH PRICED TREATMENT PLANS. We allow our clients to pay for our services when they are rendered! We also offer a 12 treatment guarantee! If your tattoo is not removed before your 12th treatment then any additional treatments (13,14,15, etc.....) will be FREE!
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Before and after. No scaring. FDA approved
Before and after. No scaring. FDA approved.
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