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We believe in helping others just like our partners in Dallas
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Laser Tattoo treatment
Laser Tattoo Removal


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We believe in helping others just like our partners in Dallas

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Best Prices

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Laser Tattoo treatment

Prior to any treatment.
After just 1 treatment: You can see significant fading, and regular skin pigmentation showing through

Laser Tattoo Removal

Color Cover up Tattoo
This is a 6X7 Multicolored tattoo that is five years old.
The Tattoo is located on the clients upper right shoulder.
This picture was taken during the free consultation before laser treatments began.
What it looks like after treatmentHere is the tattoo after the first laser tattoo removal treatment.
The area around the ink is red from a cooling system that prevents the skin from becoming inflamed.
There is a slight discoloration in the lighter inks and the tattoo has become slightly raised.
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